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Blackmagic Design

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Blackmagic Cinema Camera

2.5K digital film camera with super wide 13 stops of dynamic range for a true film look! Includes DaVinci Resolve!
Only $2,995

Production Switchers

ATEM Production Switchers

The world’s most advanced range of broadcast quality 1 M/Eand 2 M/E live production switchers.

From $2,495


ATEM Television Studio

Affordable SDI/HDMI broadcast switcher with built in H.264 encoder!

Only $995


ATEM Camera and Studio Converters

Connect SDI and HDMI cameras to switchers with talkbackand tally!

From $595


Disk Recorders

HyperDeck Shuttle

Portable battery powered SSD recorder with SDI and HDMI.

Only $345


HyperDeck Studio

Rack mount SSD based deck with dual slots for infinite recording.

From $995


PCIe Capture and Playback

DeckLink HD Extreme 3D

The highest quality SD/HD/2K 4:4:4 video card now has 3D!

Only $995


DeckLink 4K

Capture and play back SD, HD, 2K and now even 4K film!

Only $595


DeckLink Quad

4 stream SDI/HD-SDI capture card for software developers.

Only $995


Intensity Pro

Affordable high quality HDMI and analog for videographers.

Only $199


USB 3.0 Capture and Playback

Intensity Shuttle for USB 3.0

10 bit HDMI and analog video editing for USB 3.0!

Only $199


UltraStudio Pro

The world’s first broadcast quality 10 bit editing for USB 3.0!

Only $895


UltraStudio SDI

SDI capture and playback with HDMI monitoring for USB 3.0.

Only $395


Thunderbolt™ Capture and Playback

Intensity Shuttle for Thunderbolt™

10 bit HDMI and analog video editing for Thunderbolt™!

Only $239


UltraStudio 3D

Advanced 2K and 3D capture and playback for Thunderbolt™ technology.

Only $995


Intensity Extreme

HDMI and analog video editing for Thunderbolt™ technology!

Only $299


UltraStudio Express

SDI and HDMI capture and playback for Thunderbolt™ technology.

Only $495


Video Processing

Teranex 2D and 3D Processors

The worlds most advanced standards converters with up, down, cross, standards conversion, noise reduction and more! Thunderbolt included!

From $1,995


Color Correction

DaVinci Resolve

The worlds most advanced color correction for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux computers!

From $995


Film Restoration and Repair

DaVinci Revival

Powerful full featured film restoration software with automatic and interactive workflows for Linux.

From $1,495



Mini Converters

Incredible quality broadcast converters that are simple to use!

From $295


Mini Converter Heavy Duty

Super strong machined metal mini converters for live production!

From $345


Battery Converters

Tough machined metal converters with built in battery for live events!

From $295


OpenGear Converters

Broadcast quality industry standard rack converters.

All $495


Routing and Distribution

Videohub Family

Broadcast quality all in one 3 Gb/s SDI routers from 16 x 16 up to 72 x 144 size!

From $1,495


Smart Control

Customizable ethernet control panel for Videohub routers.

Only $495


Universal Videohub

Build you own router with SDIor optical fiber cards for 24/7 reliability.



DVI Extender

Route your computer monitor using SDI cables and routers!

Only $395



High quality LCD SDI monitoring for SD, HD and 2K! Includes ethernet for easy adjustments from your computer!

From $695

Test Equipment

Pocket UltraScope

Take broadcast scopes on the road for any USB 3.0 laptop!

Only $595


Blackmagic UltraScope

Technically accurate 3 Gb/s SDI and optical fiber SDI scopes.

Only $695


H.264 Encoding

Video Recorder

Capture, share and preserve your home video collection to H.264 files.

Only $149


H.264 Pro Recorder

The perfect way to capture SDI, HDMI or analog video to HD H.264 files.

Only $495


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