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Disaster | Recovery

and Backup Management



A carefully planned storage and backup architecture is a necessity for businesses of all sizes. We consult clients on strategies to create, maintain and grow their storage over time.




Primary Storage 
Let us help you select the storage technology that matches your requirements for scalability, cost and performance.We can manage the migration to your next generation of storage with a minimum of downtime for you users and maintain your data as it grows.


Backup Planning and Maintenance 
Each Business has their own security and data-retention requirements. We can help identifying the right technologies to ensure no data is lost and the recovery plan is clearly defined. At the same time we can effectively communicate the devised backup model to your users and ensure that mission- and business-critical assets are stored in the right place. We work with all available backup technologies: cloud, disk and tape-based.




Multi Tiered Storage 

For organizations with large storage requirements, we create storage models that segment assets into groups: Data that is in progress is kept on the fastest storage while data that hasn’t been touched gets moved to slower and cheaper media. This lets you manage data-intensive workflows without breaking the bank.

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