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iOS Apps Development


* iOS Developer Program Licensed Programmers

* Full knowledge on the Appstore, and it’s guidelines.

When it’s time to choose a developer to make the next big App Store hit you need a developer that knows the ropes. A common misnomer is that apple takes down apps from the AppStore for no reason, but contrary to that belief every single case can be accredited to either a trade mark infrigement, a misclaim of the product being sold on app store, or a violation of the SDK or guidelines set fourth on the iPhone/iPad developer portal. Here at UCS we know the ins and outs to bring your application from conceptualization to market.


Workout+ is a distance tracking (*) application based on the GPS capabilities of the iPhone 3G,3GS and 4,it can not only track your distance, but your speed, time, pace ,calories burned during your workout.

Part design studio, part agency, part production company, loyalkaspar exists at the intersection of graphic design, narrative storytelling and contemporary culture.Developed for Loyal Kaspar – 2011

LuckyLaps is the thrill of fantasy racing with the simplicity of Tic-Tac-Toe. No Salary Caps or Drafts. Choose any nine drivers, anytime, in your grid and earn points and prizes based on your accuracy. Nine ways to win prizes every race.

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