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IT Support

On-Site Solutions



Our on-site services consist of general maintenance, Server set-up, and Network set-up. Your organization may need on-call support, security services, or regular maintenance – one size does not fit all. We tailor our services to fit your specific needs. With a team of Certified Apple Technicians, we determine both your short and long term requirements to develop a cost effective plan for all of your desktop, server, and networking components. We’ll look at all aspects of technology requirements, and provide you with a user-friendly upgrade path that will keep your company on the cutting edge of computing technology.


  • Genuine Apple Service Parts.
  • Repair Extension Program.
  • Onsite Repairs Available.
  • Pickup and Delivery Available.
  • Assistance with troubleshooting to identify operating system or software problems versus hardware malfunctions.
  • Free advice on data backup prior to repair.
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At UCS we provide support for both wired and wireless networks. We also help you make the network secure so that others cannot access your information or siphon off your Internet. Our team is trained in wireless networking and can recommend backup solutions so that your network data is safe.

Many small businesses and homes have a local area network, or LAN to increase the benefits they receive from their investment in standalone computers. A network allows you to share printers, access to the Internet, and your most important asset, data.

UCS provides small to medium-sized network solutions, including peer-to-peer networks for offices with up to 100 computers. We can build custom servers with different kind of services and provide all of the networking equipment needed, including Structured Cabling, switches, routers, and uninterruptible power supplies.


  • Reduce costs by sharing high-speed Internet service, printers, and storage.
  • Simplify and guarantee backing up of critical data by having it all in one place.
  • Ease transfer of files between computers.
  • Enable simultaneous data entry by several employees.
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Remote Support

For many of our clients, we are just one phone call away. Even if you aren’t located in our core service area we can resolve many service requests via remote support. This is both quick and economical, as remote support is billed in smaller time increments.

After an initial setup allowing our technicians secure access to your network we can configure one or all computers to be reached and remotely administered by our team. In order to maintain privacy we can limit remote support to sessions explicitly allowed by the user.

Remote Management is not only for desktop support. Updates, Patches and Software Packages can be centrally distributed to an entire network of computers through this powerful technology. We use it to streamline the maintenance procedures for many of our clients.


Windows and Active Directory

We do Windows, too! We have a number of technicians with a strong windows skill set that can fully support your PC servers and workstations. This means we can integrate Macs into Windows based environments and – vice versa – bring PC’s into your Mac network.

We can successfully bind Macs into Windows Active Directory domains, both with or without an Open Directory server. Microsoft Exchange is an industry standard for email and groupware and we have several top resources to administer all flavors of it, from Version 5 to Exchange 2010. Furthermore we know exactly how to bring Macs into your Exchange infrastructure and get the maximum integration possible.

We are excited about the growing popularity of dual-boot Machines running both Windows and Mac OSX. Ask us how to port your existing PC install to your Intel based Mac and combine two computers into one.

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