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There are now plenty of challenges when working with video: how to acquire, manipulate, and store digital assets; how to collaborate and deliver large projects on time; and how to increase production values when faced with shrinking budgets.

With an explicit understanding of the video, analog, and digital sources that are at the core of your projects, UCS can help design the best and most efficient digital post-production solutions no matter the format, such as:

  • Streamlined Editing Workflow

UCS can design a system to move through all aspects of the video process with ease—capturing, editing, motion graphics, audio editing and mixing, color grading, and delivery—as natural enhancements to the work you already do.

  • Networking and Storage for HD Post and Beyond

If you’re working with video, you’re capturing, creating, editing, sharing, and delivering enormous files. UCS can provide a network infrastructure and storage solution that grows with the size of your digital assets and provides delivery and archiving in all of the formats you need

  • Portable Studios for Constant Access

Whether you’re providing technical analysis on set, screening dailies, editing on the fly, or presenting your completed work, UCS understand that your creativity goes where you go—and so should your video editing system.



UCS Broadcast  



The professional broadcast production process often includes a multitude of people performing a variety of tasks. With tight deadlines looming, the intricate pieces of the workflow from ingest to searching, editing, reviewing, managing large assets, scheduling, and delivering final content in multiple formats must come together quickly and effectively.


That’s why broadcast professionals turn to UCS, whose knowledge of the broadcast industry and technology expertise enables them to deliver customized solutions, such as:


  • Media Asset Management

With features like automatic cataloguing, broad search capabilities, user permissions settings, and cross-platform access from anywhere, independent UCS can help save time and improve productivity by making it easier to manage your assets.

  • Automated Broadcast Workflows

UCS can create a comprehensive system that supports your needs—from templates that manage workflow, to watch-and-respond systems that track progress, alert editors, and automatically notify producers when a project is ready for evaluation.

  • Comprehensive Editing Systems

UCS can help you extend your editing capabilities on location or in the studio by helping you incorporate additional creative tools into your workflow, such as: motion graphics, audio editing, sound mixing, color grading, and more.


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