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Whether you have an existing Xsan installation, or are considering Apple`s storage area network for the first time, UCS offers everything you need. We are certified in Xsan Administration, Xsan design for Pro Video, Mac OS X Server, and Qlogic fibre channel switches, and the full suite of Apple Pro Video applications, including Final Cut Studio, Shake, and more. We have wide experience with fibre networking, storage optimization, redundant design and more.

Considering the move to HD? Looking for a flexible solution to help you consolidate and optimize your production workflow and increase the efficiency of your workgroup. Xsan by UCS is the answer.

Need to integrate your Xsan installation with Active Directory, Novell Netware, or another LDAPv3 directory system? No problem. Complicated video workflow? We`re experts. High-performance computing? We`ve got you covered.

xSan2 Tech Specs:

SAN File Sharing

  • · 64-bit cluster file system
  • · Fibre Channel connectivity
  • · Concurrent read/write access
  • · Block-level access
  • · File and byte-range locking


High Availability

  • · Metadata controller failover
  • · Fibre Channel multipathing
  • · Journaled file system
  • · Controller failover prioritization



  • · Striping across multiple disk arrays (LUNs)
  • · Volume configuration profiles (high-definition and standard-definition video, file sharing, network home directories, Mail Server clustering, Podcast Producer)


Volume Management

  • · Storage pools
  • · Striping across multiple LUNs
  • · Online volume expansion
  • · Volume mapping
  • · MultiSAN


Data Management

  • · Affinities for automated data placement
  • · Open Directory, Active Directory, and LDAP integration
  • · User and group quotas
  • · Flexible file permissions (access control lists)
  • · Spotlight indexing and search


Remote Administration

  • · Xsan Admin 2 with SAN Setup assistant
  • · Real-time monitoring
  • · Graphs and logging
  • · Event notifications via email or pager


Xserve RAID PowerGrade Service

Whether you`re leveraging Xsan or simply using Xserve RAID storage, we can help extend and expand your storage investment with our custom hardware upgrade service.

Xsan SANhealth Service

We offer a range of custom services to help ensure your investment in Xsan is delivering.

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